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Easier integrations with Faraday Agents

Integrating systems is an elusive but mandatory job in any software product's life. Developers have to deal with languages they don't know, undocumented APIs or new paradigms. This leads to the fact that many product teams decide not to open the possibility to integrate to them.

In Faraday’s case, we are aware that integrations with other security tools are a critical part of our product. However, we’ve realized that our Plugin system wasn't as easy as we expected to develop some integrations: it required some level of interactivity (either running a command from the console or importing a report), so it was hard to use on a periodic basis. It also forced integration developers to use our Python API, even when the tool to integrate with wasn't programmed in Python, making it harder for the developer.

To solve this problem, we have the Faraday Agents! You can use the getting started guide to use one of our official executors, or code and use one custom executor. Otherwise, you can use our docker image with some tools already built and ready to go!

You can also check our architecture or technical section, to understand how the agents works.